Gabriela (Owner/Baker) grew up in Mexico City, where meat dishes were the specialty, and Guillermo (Owner,Chef) in Yucatan, where seafood varieties were more abundant. 

That passion to learn the secrets of the finest of world cuisines, and mutual desire to create a beautiful dining experience for gatherings of any size, brought the love they shared to create “LaVier Cuisine”. 

The crowning touch to a superbly crafted meal, is the perfect dessert, whose textures and subtleties don't overwhelm, but, instead, enhance and completethe pleasure of the flavors combined. In many ways this describes our relationship, as partners, both in the kitchen,and in life".

“Both of us grew up in homes where cooking wasn’t merely a necessity, it was a passion and an art. Friends and relatives were always eager for an invitation to our families’ homes for dinners and parties, as a preference to any of the best restaurants”. 


“In the kitchen, I'll take responsibility for the main courses, and Gabriela is the dessert specialist-just as she is the sweet fulfillment of my life”. 

"Both of us are responsible for quality control, as partners should be", "We always take great pains to acquire the finest and freshest ingredients, each of us inspecting for perfection we believe each of our clients deserve nothing less than the best,

We have owned LaVier cuisine catering since 2007 and are still running it. Please call for any catering inquiries.